Eywoa Marine Sports L.L.C is Liquidforcekites dealer for the region and we will be happy to support you for any project: shop, kite school, team riders gear, events etcContact us to try the gear and get a quote.
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Liquid Force Kites nominated Brand of the Year 2017AWSI Association of wind and water sports industries

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Founded in 1995, Liquid Force quickly became the leader in wakeboard products and apparel. Soon after in 1999 Liquid Force entered into kiteboarding and became the benchmark in design and product progression.

Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum functionality and unparalleled quality.

Team Rider :
Thomas Pujot
Fabien Hermel

Supported Rider :
Florian Mounayer

Schools & Shops :
Hich Kite
Kite Beach Center
Kite Pro
Al Boom Marine

Liquidforcekites gear 2017
Learn Kitesurf Abu Dhabi
Learn Kitesurfing Abu Dhabi
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